Monthly Archives: March 2008

nbbj, southwest medical center

the architectural firm nbbj has a short flash video detailing some of the ideas included their (brilliant) work on the southwest medical center in vancouver, washington that you can watch here. to convince you to click on over, here are a few screenshots of the patient rooms. the single rooms have individual frosted glass sliding doors, with benches built in directly in front of the room so family members can sit nearby comfortably when asked to leave the room to facilitate medical care:

all rooms have clocks and calenders prominently displayed to help ground patients in reality and make it easier for them to keep track of their stay. also, note the frosted glass on the bottom part of the picture window, to emphasize the more appealing landscape above. the whole project seems extremely smart and a great way to kick start this blog.


april 2008 atlantic article – the art of healing

a tightly and nicely written piece that addresses the most basic ideas and issues relating to healthcare design has been published in the april 2008 issue of the atlantic magaine. you can read the essay, by virginia postwell, here.