remedy, chicago

i am head over heels in love with chicago design firm, remedy. page after page of gutsy, quirky, relevant, well researched branding and communication strategies for health their information page poses the question “why we exist” and answers it with “health needs a makeover.” they state:

“The relationship we all have with our health is complicated and decades in the making. It began the moment we realized mac-n-cheese was a lot more fun to eat than broccoli. At that instant, broccoli became a ‘should.’ Pile on years of dreaded doctor visits and mom’s refrain that anything yucky or unpleasant was ‘good for you,’ and you’ve got one tainted view of health. How do you undo decades of such baggage? We start by being real and honest in our work. We take the anxiety or ambivalence people feel about health as a path into demystifying a healthcare process for them or making them laugh at their preconceived notions. Brands that embrace how people really feel about them earn points with consumers by being relateable.”

corporate feeling, burgundy pleather doctors offices certainly do nothing to dislodge these unpleasant associations. but beyond reupholstering, it is important to look at the branding of healthcare spaces and the ways that they communicate information to patients, be it the location of an exit, or the nuances of a diagnosis. the above materials were created by remedy as part of a comprehensive redesign for edward hospital and health services, and carry through the the hospital’s website (worth clicking on to explore.)


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