ashtray waiting room

flashback! dated, yes, but i would take this over a souless waiting room with navy blue fern patterns anyday. the baby blue and brown are surprisingly tranquil, and the space planning here is actually top notch. i love the way the low slung secretaries desk is truly part of the grouping, not a formidable presence at the top of the room. i’m also impressed with the use of those small table/chair groupings help to break up the space. one thing that i will never understand about waiting rooms is the manner in which you often find yourself awkwardly staring at people directly across from you. by using these smaller, flexible groupings, that face-off is successfully avoided, the the whole space feels more organic, even cafe like. also, note THE ASHTRAY in the surgical wing. i think if i ever have a loved one in surgery i’d like to go back in time and chainsmoke the time away in this waiting room.


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