jason middlebrook's mural in the bone marrow transfer unit of mount sinai

legendary artist ryan mcginness's mural at nyu's university child study center

garrett phelan's original market drawings at st. vincents

an organization similar to london’s vitalarts, new york based rxart commissions major contemporary artists to make thoughtful, site specific pieces for hospitals. they also acquire and curate original works and prints to be hung throughout patient spaces. founded by diane brown, a pre-med major who later ran a soho gallery, there is again a unique and admirable balance between sensitivity to the unique hospital environment, and a commitment to serious contemporary art in all the pieces rxart installs. from the rxart mission statement:

“We work with some of the most renowned and respected artists and arts professionals working today to provide exposure to the finest contemporary art in patient, procedure and examination rooms of healthcare facilities. We do not compromise the quality of the art we work with any more than a patient would knowingly compromise on the quality of their healthcare.

We do this because we believe in and support art’s capacity to provide hope and comfort in the most difficult of circumstances and to contribute immeasurably to spiritual and emotional health. Research evidence supports our belief that viewing art promotes a healing physiology which fortifies the immune system, changes pain perception, and decreases hospital length of stay.”


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