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kaiser permanente’s garfield center

the above video is a peak into healthcare giant kaiser permanente’s garfield innovation center in sacramento california. the facility allows mock ups of medical facilities and technologies to be tested in a creative, low-pressure environment with focus groups of patients and providers who provide feedback on faux-healthcare experiences in flexible simulated spaces. the above video provides insight as to how the process works from the provider’s perspective, another equally important facet of research is the patient’s experience within a given environment. this post on fastcompany is where i first learned of the garfield center and approaches the facility from a more patient centric point of view. permanente also addressed the patient experience through a collaboration with interdisciplinary design consultancy firm ideo, this via the institute for human centered design. apparently these services at ” ‘IDEO showed us that we are designing human experiences, not buildings,’ says Adam D. Nemer, medical operations services manager at Kaiser.”


trade art for health in queens

woodhull hospital in queens new york lets low-income artists who don’t qualify for state insurance donate time or art in exchange for services at the hospital in a program called artists access.  the program, which is part of a broader affordable health care scheme called health & hospitals corporation, allows artists the chance to trade one hour of volunteer work at the hospital for $40 of medical treatment. at the moment, the program appears to appeal to artists who engage with patients in participatory ways such as photographing newborns or leading yoga sessions, but it might be possible to expand such a system to work toward beautifying the built environment of the hospital and there is discussion of including a mural project. the snag, then, would be in monitoring the quality and appropriateness of a submitted works. woodhull has a horrific reputation, with horror stories of all manners in no short supply, but this is a small step in a positive direction for the institute.  (via psfk)

the current state of affairs at woohull (via plasticview on flickr)

starck contrast to the keith haring mural they are so fond of highlighting (via Otterman56 on flickr)