fuelfor – waiting rooms

Again, with an excellent story on questions of healthcare facility design, fastcodesign has recently highligheted Barcelona-based healthcare design firm fuelfor’s revolutionary new scheme for waiting rooms. You can read fastcodesign’s coverage here, go to fuelfor’s own website, or skip straight to the online publication outlining their suggestions for the always trying spaces of waiting. In an attempt to make waiting spaces considerably less aggravating to the contemporary patient, they outline six fairly simple solutions, ranging from a diverse array of public & private seating areas to friendly per-appointment paperwork to giving names and faces to the “doctors on duty” at any given moment in time. The team jumps the shark with their conceptual fruit and vegetable vending machine (granola bars, however, I cold get behind!) and smart-phone-centric waiting schemes, but the document as a whole is beautifully designed and an effective advocate for forward thinking waiting space design. Since waiting spaces are the least highly clinical, the most public, and arguably the most influential spaces in a healthcare experience they make a great starting point for more creative, truly patient-focused design strategies.


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