PriestmanGoode’s airplane influenced hospital

While day dreaming about attending the upcoming Inside: World Festival of Interiors in Barcelona (breaking Barcelona news: Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia gets a final completion date – 2026 or 2028) I found this video featuring Designer Paul Priestman of PriestmanGoode explaining the ideas behind the firm’s airplane influenced hospital recovery lounge concept. PriestmanGoode is most well known for their work in the transportation and hospitality industries, and as you can see their recovery lounge concept effectively provides semi-private spaces in a public space much in the same way as a first class seat on an airplane or a train does. Additionally, the firm published a health manifesto that can be downloaded on their website, concluding:

There is a huge opportunity now to use the smart art of design to great effect in healthcare. Design is already proving it can have a dramatic effect in creating better-value, longer-lasting products that are hygienic and better for the wellbeing of patients in hospitals. The next step is to apply this thinking to the design of better value patient environments that take the physical and financial strain off current hospital facilities, in a way that is more efficient for healthcare services and more comfortable and better suited to the needs of patients.


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