Gregory Euclide

I’ve had a blank post titled “Gregory Euclide” sitting in my drafts since last January, but he’s fairly recently gained a lot of attention for designing the most recent Bon Iver CD cover. Euclide is an artist who’s charming, challenging, nature-inspired, three dimensional reliefs would be, in my opinion, ideal for a hospital environment. Just unexpected enough, and, frankly stated, beautiful. Sarah Owen write in the NY Times Style section:

Stumbling upon art that is difficult to categorize is sometimes unsettling and, at other times, simply intriguing. The latter case applies to Gregory Euclide’s work which, at a glance, looks like an elegant spill of paint but on closer inspection reveals a carefully executed diorama. Euclide’s inspiration is drawn from the land, but that is not to say he paints landscapes. “I know that I am simply using the landscape to reach something more complicated,” he says.

His work is also a perfect compromise between the Natural-Landscapes-Soothing-Colors school of hospital art curators, and those who prefer more challenging, contemporary art. I saw the below installation at a recently-closed exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in New York and immediately imagined it in a primary care waiting room –  a delight.


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