Emma Children’s Hosptial, Amsterdam

Interior design firm OPERA Amsterdam was responsible for re-designing part of The Emma Children’s hospital in Amsterdam. Conceptually, the firm organized the space around the following idea:

The ‘parade,’ the main corridor that runs through the hospital much like a high street through a large town, plays an important part in the design. A high street leads off to all the main public spaces in a town: the town square, the zoo, the park, the sports fields, the theater… but it also leads home and ultimately to the child’s bedroom. OPERA took the metaphor of the high street as the guiding principle for a coherent design. In addition, they created the option of variation by introducing a clever and sophisticated colour scheme that is slightly different in each area. Artists from around the world were asked to create illustrations to fit in with the interior design for the Parade.

The giant rainforest mural below is rumored to have been printed using Lenticular printing, making the image change as the viewer shifts round it in space. The video below demonstrates the magic of Lenticular printing – unfortunately I couldn’t find images with the Emma Children’s Hosptial mural moving. The arts and health non-profit I interned at last summer was in negotiations with a Lenticular printer as well, and the technique is a great possibility for keeping images in healthcare spaces surprising and dynamic.


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