Tandartspraktijk(s) design

Tandartspraktijk means dental practice in Dutch and it a quick Google image search indicates that Dutch (and Flemish) speakers take the design of these Tandartspraktijks quite seriously. Why can’t American doctors be even half this serious about design? Above, a ridiculously sleek dental practice designed by Belgian architecture firm Caan. A bit jarring amidst the small Belgian town of Merelbeke, with it’s population of 22,000.

Next, a total contrast and a successful integration of gorgeous old architecture and contemporary details at dental clinic Sweelinckplein 7 in the Hague:

Artist Pim Van Halem made a number of colorful commissioned works specifically for Tandartspraktijk ceilings (link in Dutch) from 1988-1998:

Tandartspraktijk Julianadorp features intense (distracting!) wall murals and vintage touches – with strategic branding by designer Terra Preta:

Herman Jacob design was responsible for the below waiting room for Tandartspraktijk DentiQ – Eemnes, located in an old convent! That rough, chunky, natural furniture and the intricate metalwork of the ceiling lights lend a touch of handcrafted warmth.


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