Rock Health on “What the heck is patient experience?”

Methodist Medical Center's (complex!) take on Patient Centered care

Rock Health “the seed accelerator for health start ups” is a San Fransisco non-profit dedicated to helping imaginative innovators bring fresh ideas and helpful new technologies to the healthcare landscape. Grantees receive $20,000 and a host of helpful resources and advice to make their dream project a reality. They have a great blog post up at the moment that playfully and thoroughly answers the question “what the heck is patient experience?” I highly recommend you read it here and check out their incubator program while you’re there.

First they state that over 60% of the 790 hospital executives surveyed in a poll last year  listed patient experience as one of their top 3 priorities. Next,  they go on to explain the top 10 elements of patient centered design (No surprise: number 7 is create a comfortable environment). Finally they link to a wide range of patient centered elements of healthcare including everything from a totally charming video of two elderly patients playing piano in the Mayo clinic lobby to Donna Karen designed hosptial gowns to taco trucks and farmer’s markets to the Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Patient Experience. The only thing missing: a link to some visual arts and health programming!


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