Andrew Small & Steven Almond Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Awesome Manchester UK arts and health organization Lime recently installed artists Andrew Small & Steven Almond‘s elegant, interactive interpretation of a giant beating heart in the entryway to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. An explanation of the theories behind the piece, from Andrew Small’s website:

“A hospital is more than just a building: it is a living machine and a machine for living. The work as a whole alludes to a simple, precious and fascinating human commonality: the beat of the heart. The work uses digital lighting, medical monitoring equipment and control devices that gives the work different aspects. At rest it breaths, interacted with it becomes a heart rate monitor and on the hour it is a clock.”

Lime has been overseeing the art program for Manchester Hospitals epic new build program, commissioning and selecting works for four brand new hospitals at a Central Manchester site – a new Children’s hospital, an Eye Hospital, a hospital for Adults and a hospital for Women. The colorful columns you see on the front of the building are also a Lime hallmark, designed by artist Ray Smith. Lime states that “The Arts Programme creates an inspiring and engaging hospital environment sensitive to patient needs and their care. It offers opportunities to embrace Manchester’s creative talent and connect with nationally respected artists enhancing the cultural map of the city.” The new heart sculpture is surely indicative of their continued dedication to innovative, site specific works.

(photo: Adam Bradley)


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