Koolhaas/OMA for Maggie’s Center Glasgow

(images via Wallpaper)

Unveiled last week: a cancer support center nestled into Glasgow’s Gartnavel Hospital, designed by favorite starchitect’s Rem Koolhaas’s Office for Metropolitan Architechture. Koolhaas, along with partner Ellen van Loon, created this  single-level building in the form of a ring of interlocking rooms surrounding an internal landscaped courtyard, to serve as the UK’s newest Maggie’s Center. Maggie’s center is a network of small-scale, comfortable environments where cancer patients and their friends and families can go to seek “emotional support and practical advice” in a friendly, non institutional space.

“The interlocking spaces contain a shared living room, library, kitchen, and dining area with private counseling rooms. Many of the rooms have sliding doors with access to the outdoors or face out onto the courtyard…The whole place is carefully curated to provide a less clinical experience not just for patients but also for their friends and family. ‘I think it should be a building where the space and the quality of the space and environment are the most important thing – Ellen van Loon.'” (via fastco design’s coverage of the new building)

The space still appears unfinished and sterile, but the connection to nature is unmistakably gorgeous and if Maggie’s Center’s previous projects with big league architects like Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid are any indication it will be cozy in no time. You can watch Mr. Koolhaas himself discuss the design process in the below video, filmed during Maggie’s Architecture and Health Symposium in 2010.


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