I want this to be a blog that features everything from billion dollar healthcare buildings by the world’s best architects, to cleverly designed devices that make procedures easier, to these absurd but simultaneously sort of brilliant ixxi panels that consist of dozens or hundreds of moisture resistant, tear-proof synthetic paper panels held together with X brackets. This Dutch-designed system could so easily be used to create large scale, high impact wall decor or even to construct inexpensive visual dividers where none previously existed. Hard to imagine they would pass hospital code but in more casual primary care setting they provide a highly customizable, easily shipped, assembled, disassembled, and moved visual kick. They can be made to any size (a gigantic 6.5 by 6.5 mural costs 131 Euros) with any single image OR any collage of tens or hundreds of images. The potential, then, exists for patients to each take responsibility for an individual panel that would make up the overall image. ixxi is a simple, affordable product that could provide a customized, and spirited focus point for a variety of clinical spaces.


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