Legacy ER, in Frisco Texas, is a freestanding emergency room that serves as both an urgent care clinic for non-emergency ailments and a fully functioning ER. Traditionally, these kinds of medicines were seldom housed under the same brand in the same roof, but having them integrated ensures you don’t need to decide whether a trip to urgent care or the ER is more appropriate. However, the two different kinds of care happen on two different tracks, with the nursing station in between, so a toddler with a sore throat won’t be right next to someone with a major knife wound.  All of this happens in a sleek 6,200 square food setting designed by Texas firm 5g. From a 2008 press release on the LegacyER website:

The three founders of Legacy ER, Kirk D. Mahon, M.D., Steven E. Martz, M.D., FACEP and Jay R. Woody, M.D., FACEP wanted a building that was more organic in nature and comforting to patients. To provide rooms with privacy, definition was made using opaque walls and translucent glazing panels. The effect is sound proofed rooms without the use of claustrophobic cubicles or draping. Exposed, polished concrete floors and exterior zinc panels further enhance the patient experience by offering a tactile quality, while natural light provides brightness without the harsh, sterile feel that artificial lighting traditionally offers.

There is also a great write-up of the project on Architectural Record’s website. It’s a cutting-edge concept that I think we’ll see more and more of as in-hospital emergency rooms become even more burdened, and the space looks completely appropriate for it’s function. Serene, inviting, and reassuringly sterile. LegacyER has a perfect five star rating on yelp, an extremely rare feat for a medical facility of an urgent or emergency nature.


One thought on “LegacyER

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