Trees inside

Naturemaker trees at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI

Naturemaker trees at Cardon Children's Medical Center, Mesa, AZ

I’m not usually fond of faux nature, but I actually rather like the look of these steel trees by Naturemaker. When real trees are impractical due to size, scale, or environmental concerns, these man-made replicas seems to provide a clever and tasteful alternative that are “87 percent botanically accurate.” The company has completed projects in retail, hospitality, and healthcare environments and the trees all feel ever so slightly…corporate. Founder “artist/sculptor/ecologist/inventor/entrepreneur” Bennett Abrams, passed away in 2004. Partner and co-founder Gary Hanick remains president today. Prices for trees range from $25,000 for a 16 foot tall Oak or Maple tree to $500,000 for a 50 foot Banyan or Olive tree.

If it were up to me, the trees would be white, or shimmery silver and gold, to abstract the experience and try to create an even more original, special space. Something along the lines of Ugo Rondinone’s beautiful aluminum cast trees that Creative Time commissioned for Central Park in New York. Just, slightly less…haunting.

Cast aluminum tree by contemporary Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone

Cast aluminum trees in Central Park by contemporary Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone


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