Mathieu Lehanneur’s “Tomorrow Is Another Day”

French industrial designer Mathieu Lehanneur has made a splash on the blogs this week with his thoughtful techno-jewel “Tomorrow Is Another Day” installation, conceived for a palliative care unit at a hospital in Paris.  From Lehanneur’s website:

Originally intended for the Palliative Care Unit of the Diaconesses / Croix-Saint-Simon Hospital Group, this device eludes the course of time by offering everyone the opportunity to see tomorrow’s sky. Conceived from weather information gathered in real time on the Internet, the luminous – atmospheric and impressionist – image of this sky is diffused through the network of a honeycomb structure, appearing both like a sculpture and a celestial globe.

It’s theoretically sophisticated, with questions of “uncertainty, ineluctability and spirituality” abounding, but it’s also a tranquil little gem that one can gaze at without even knowing it’s acting as a portal to an abstracted version of tomorrow’s sky. The work will be available as a limited edition through the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. It is unclear if the work was ever installed in the hospital.

(via Fast Company’s Co.Design)


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