David Wiseman/ Shepard Fairy West Hollywood Library

Los Angeles designer David Wiseman was commissioned to create these gorgeous trees for a new branch of the LA public library. Can you imagine how beautiful a Wiseman installation would be in a medical center atrium? I am clearly drawn to white trees in public art settings that require graceful, thoughtful, meditative works. Fastcodesign explains:

Platanus bibliotechalis features stark white tree trunks that climb some 60 feet up and around the library’s soaring interior stairwell. Cast in porcelain from sycamore bark, they represent a made-up species inspired by L.A.’s indigenous sycamores, some of which grow in a nearby park.

The trees are designed to usher the outdoors ins–to, as the press release says, create “a link between the park… and the library itself.”

Wiseman was  recently commissioned by John Galliano to create site-specific installations in Dior flagship stores worldwide, so it’s not a surprise that the installation has a decidedly high-end feel to it. The library also features murals by heavy hitters Shepard Fairey, Retna, and Kenny Scharf, and is a stunning example of a public building effectively using high profile art to add some much needed humanity to an intimidating and often bland typology.

(via fastcodesign)


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