Michael Graves for Stryker

We know him for mass produced design collaborations with companies like Target and Disney, but industrial design’s household darling shifted some of his focus onto the more obscure realm of healthcare furniture design after he became paralyzed eight years ago. The above video details his four-piece furniture suite for hospital rooms, a collaboration between Michael Graves Design Group, Stryker, and Capital Health.

In 2009 Michael Graves formed a design partnership with one of the world’s great medical technology companies, Stryker, to address “the last frontier in healthcare design, the patient room.” The two companies worked together to conduct months of ethnographic research, studying the environment and the way current furniture is being used. The result of this joint venture is a suite of patient room furniture which demonstrates Graves’ philosophy that objects in healthcare environments can have a symbolic as well as a pragmatic function, with straightforward solutions that combine simple utility, functional innovation and elevated aesthetics.

In a New York Times interview last spring, Graves suggested that the current collection will not be the end of his collaboration with Stryker, explaining that “We’re cleaning up the patient room and ultimately everything you’d expect someone like me to do in a hospital besides technical equipment, as well as the room itself.”


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