Forma Design

AFTER PICTURE: Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center

BEFORE PHOTO: Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center

Obeid Dental

bloo dental

Forma is a small Washington DC studio who’s designers created these sleek integrated design solutions. The above images, of the Capital Oral & Facial Surgery Center, Obeid Dental, and bloo dental, represent three of the nine healthcare projects the primarily residential studio has completed. bloo is my personal favorite, spirited and particularly charming because the dentist’s passion is scuba diving. From bloo dental’s website:

From the dictionary we learn the pronunciation of the word “blue” is “bloō”, which has been chosen as the name of our practice. Not only is blue Dr. Rahim’s favorite color, but it also reminds him of one of his favorite places: the ocean, which offers peace and tranquility. With this concept in mind, Dr. Haress Rahim and his architect (FORMA Design) dove into unchartered waters to design a modern practice using state-of-the-art technology with an office decor that lends itself to the blue color scheme complete with ocean graphics, curved architecture and textured seapod walls.

There is also a youtube video in which Dr. Rahim gives a through tour of his new office, and you can tell he truly loves the new space. Forma does a great job drawing inspiration from the personalities of their private healthcare clients – the website explains that Dr. Obeid “wanted an office that reflected his progressive personal and pushed the envelope on all levels” and so they strove to create an ultramodern luxurious space, and succeeded. At the moment, Forma is taking on projects primarily in the DC area but given their portfolio, they have the potential to reach much further. Each project does immediately read as a contemporary medical space, but the soft sculptural curves, unexpected textures, sleek furniture,  and thoughtful non-clinical lighting consistently create a spirited personality so many fail to cultivate.


2 thoughts on “Forma Design

  1. Thanks for featuring our work! I am posting a link to our Facebook page,

  2. Mags says:

    Bloo-deful! Amazing designs. Lovely work Andreas, makes me want to change my denist.

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