Rooms that Rock 4 Chemo

Jennifer Jones's "Delores Room"

Lisa Silverman's "Dragonfly Room"

Lisa Silverman's "Dragonfly Room"

The above before-and-after transformations were made possible by Rooms that Rock 4 Cancer, a small, simple San Fransisco non-profit striving to connecting hospitals and clinics that provide outpatient chemotherapy with interior designers willing to donate their time and effort to transform drab chemotherapy rooms. The project was started in May 2011 when artist Nancy J. Ballard donated a watercolor to her San Fransisco doctor’s office. The narrative on the website goes like this – “Dr. Hufford was overjoyed with the artistic gifts of generosity, yet she saw a much bigger future for the project. In an effort to revamp the chemotherapy rooms in their entirety, Nancy reached out to twenty local interior designers for their professional aid. Within three days, six designers had reacted enthusiastically, volunteering their time and creative efforts for the first RTR4C Project.” The projects are funded by donations and there have been five room makeovers to date, four at Dr. Stephen Hufford’s office and one at the Marin Cancer Care. Ballard is in conversation with additional cancer treatment centers.

It’s a remarkably simple idea that makes a big impact on these small spaces. Though one might argue that employing the services of interior designers without specific healthcare training isn’t ideal, the rooms had no discernible design scheme in their before pictures, so any practicing designer’s vision will effectively enhance the existing utilitarian spaces. The project provides publicity for the designers involved, taking the “decorator’s showcase” house idea and applying it to healthcare spaces. An inspiring project, that I hope reaches far and wide.


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