BrittaBritta, Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Gothenburg

Swedish design firm BrittaBritta dreamed up these jungle themed exam rooms for the emergency department at Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, in Gothenburg, Sweden. They were unveiled last month. The designers explain:

A real dream project! – To get to work with children as a customer… to give a more positive experience for the parents and children visiting these stressful environments.  Children’s Hospital has previously worked with a jungle theme in the decoration of the department. This took the form of photographs of animals from the jungle on the walls and associated narrative text about the species. Our proposal was also in the same spirit but takes it one step further! (Translated from Swedish by Google Translate)

One step further indeed. The beauty of pediatric projects is that a designer can be as wildly imaginative as a child. It’s worth noting that this design in particular is a fanciful decor that will appeal to both six year olds and sixteen year olds, not an easy balance to strike.

[via Offecct blog ]


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