Video: Art program at Capital Health’s Hopewell Campus

Screenshot from the PBS short documentary

Here’s a link to a 10 minute video piece about developing an arts program at the new Capital Health Medical Center’s Hopewell Campus. The short documentary was shown on New Jersey PBS’s State of the Arts TV show. The synopsis:

Art is part of the healing experience at the Capital Health Medical Center in Mercer County, NJ. Lin Swensson, breast cancer survivor and art consultant, is uniquely qualified for the job. Over four years, Swensson worked closely with doctors, staff, the architectural firm, and the community to commission original art from local area artists, including artist/architect/designer Michael Graves.

The art program includes 800 works of art by nearly 70 local artists, and is part of an overall scheme to “put an emphasis on creating a stylish and soothing health environment that resembles an upscale hotel rather than a sterile hospital” according to an article on, which also quotes Larry DiSanto, Capital Health’s executive vice president as explaining “‘When people walk in we want them to say, ‘I can’t believe this is a hospital.”


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