Cara Phillips: Singular Beauty

Brooklyn photographer Cara Phillips has embarked on a project to document clinical plastic surgery spaces. The resulting images are stark, clinical, and infused with a subtle sociocultural agenda, quietly commenting on the nature of elective aesthetic procedures. Together they will be published in a book, titled “Singular Beauty.” Publication has been successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and backers will receive either a PDF or a hard copy of the photo essay. Michael Paris Mazzeo, of Michael Mazzeo Projects explains:

Beauty stalks us with a condescending eye. From television screens to magazines, shop windows to billboards, there is hardly a face or figure that hasn’t been trimmed, polished, and reinvented to beleaguer us with an increasingly unattainable paradigm of physical beauty. In her savvy, new monograph, Cara Phillips explores the reassuring environments and ominous implements of cosmetic surgery. Singular Beauty provides us with a voyeuristic view into the pristine temples of physical transformation while offering an insightful critique of our culture of narcissism.

This is the first example I’ve come across of a contemporary artist pointedly engaging the latent connections between the built environment of healthcare and the societies that construct and occupy these spaces.


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