Jim Hodges

I’ve just come across images of an incredible Jim Hodges show that was at the Gladstone Gallery in New York earlier this winter. Both the half shimmering/half rough hewn boulders and the scratched negative photographs of nature would be marvelous in a healthcare environment. A reference to nature doesn’t get much more literal or approachable than a giant rock or a photograph of a pretty sunset – but Hodges takes the grit of the rock and embellishes it beautiful with a jewel toned mirrored coating on one half, and takes the simple beauty of a sunset and roughs it up by scratching the negative. The result is soothing but engaging, precisely as the best healthcare art is. Here’s a snippet of the press release for the exhibit:

Hodges’ practice resists the definitional aims of discourse, instead offering multilayered works that evoke resonant themes such as identity, loss, mortality, and love. In this two-part exhibition, Hodges presents several new large-scale sculptural works that investigate notions of time, movement, color, and reflection… Merging the real with the imagined, a monumental grouping of sculptures seamlessly juxtaposes dense organic forms with interventions of synthetic beauty.


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