büro uebele: Offenbach Hospital

This cuckoo bananas wayfinding system by German design studio büro uebele visuelle kommunikation can be found in the Offenbach Hospital in Offenbach Germany. It’s a creative, bold, completely non-clinical approach that I imagine quite dominates the patient experience. In my opinion it seems a little conceptual, and a little cluttered to be totally effective in a large scale healthcare facility. Yet I’m always excited to see out-of-the box solutions to tricky elements of the healthcare experience, so I appreciate the bold whimsical patterns and unusual approach taken here. From the buro uebele project literature:

geometrical coloured patterns guide visitors to their destination and lighten the mood of this sterile setting. each of the numerous locations has its own combination of pattern and colour to set it apart, then each visitor can identify “their” colour and pattern that will guide them through the hospital complex.  the ward reception areas are identified by large areas of characteristically coloured, patterned wallpaper, with identical designs on the counters and doors. this visual coding gives these areas their own distinct identity. the system is based on a highly flexible concept that can be easily and quickly modified.



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