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Wall Street Journal, Guardian, NY Times all get in on healthcare art and design this week

In the last week three major new outlets have published detailed articles about arts, design, hospitals, and healing.


‘Mike Kelley 1,’ video art by Jennifer Steinkamp at the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art and Photography

The Wall Street Journal published a sort of arts-n-healthcare-environments primer focused largely on the Cleveland Clinic’s growing collection.


The next day, The Gaurdian UK published an opinion piece where, Jonathan Jones asks ” Isn’t there something patronising and untrue to the human condition in this urge to fill hospitals with jolly art?” and joins me in thinking there should be more to healthcare art then meandering nature photographs.

Two days later, the New York Times, published a sort of architecture-n-healthcare primer looking at the newly designed rooms at the University Medical Center of Princeton, highlighting the fact that in one study patients asked for 30 percent less pain medication in the redesigned space.