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Jamie Drake’s Oncology interior

Legendary interior designer Jamie Drake dabbled in healthcare design when he worked with Oncologist Scot Ackerman and his wife, Alexandra, to design the interiors of their brand new facility in Jacksonville, Florida. At the time of the commission it was called First Coast Oncology, but now seems to be called the Ackerman Cancer Center. Information about the project is scarce, and it is left off of Jamie Drake Design Associates online portfolio but I found the below images and am really excited to share! According to Interior Design magazine, Drake  enjoyed the challenge of working in healthcare, saying “I dislike stagnation. I love challenges—branching out into health care stretches me and exposes my work to a new demographic.”


Waiting room featuring Karim Rashid sofas


Secondary waiting room


Staff workstations

Staff workstations


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Illustrator and designer Nick Deakin took to the walls of 14 rooms at the eye department at Sheffield Children’s Hospital in the UK, aiming to add some spunk to the unit’s build environment. The colorful illustrated works transport patients from outer space to the park and the beach. Sometimes, they even serve a practical purpose, helping providers evaluate eye function.

Many Deakin’s artworks are the latest in a series commissioned for the hospital by Artfelt, an art-in-health branch of the Children’s Hospital Charity and form part of a wider plan to transform its patient spaces using art and design.

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Studio Dental – “Uber for your teeth”

Studio Dental

Studio Dental is a mobile dental practice that brings the dentist to you! Perhaps unsurprisingly, it launched in technology hotspot San Fransisco, and much of their marketing seems geared to employers who are always trying to out-amenity one another as they compete for the most talented employees. Founded by dentist, Sara Creighton, the practice lives in a 26-foot-long trailer designed by Montalba Architects that features a waiting area and two patient rooms. According to Studio Dental website “The practice delivers the full range of dental services to patients, but sets itself apart with technologies that streamline the process of going to the dentist. Patients schedule appointments online, receive a text reminder on the day of their appointment, and pay for services with a credit card.”

Studio Dental

Studio Dental

Studio Dental

The design is beautiful, and the ceiling is particularly clever. According to the architect, David Montalba “Rather than opening the side panels to potentially unattractive exterior environments, such as urban parking lots, we decided to install skylights to capture diffused natural light and house TV monitors to help patients remain relaxed while looking up during procedures.”

The project was partly funded by an Indie GoGo campaign that raised $41,515 in just one month, perhaps making a mark as the first crowd sourced dental office in the US?

There’s a nice interview with Dr. Creighton over at Wake Forrest University (her alumnus) if you’d like to learn more about her own personal decision to start a mobile dental practive.

(via Healthcare Design Magazine)

“Majoring in Medicine, Minoring in Design”

Hello there world. Long time no post. I’m going to try to be better about keeping this up.

Thomas Jefferson University launched a first-of-its kind “college within a college” to introduce medical students to design thinking. The Design Track includes modules like:

  • Implementation: How Design Thinking Can Reframe Health Care Challenges
  • Redesigning the Patient Experience: The Use of Role Playing to Test New Ideas
  • Mobile Technology in Health Care
  • Improving Population Health through Design Thinking Methodologies

I’m excited to see what comes out of this course, and thrilled to see a traditional medical school so pointedly incorporating design within a more traditional curriculum.

(via Doctors Who Create)