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  • Why do doctor’s offices and hospitals have to be so…ugly? Healthcare facilities occupy a unique space in the public realm as anonymous public buildings where immensely personal and private moments take place. A combination of thoughtful design and collaborative artistic programming can fully utilize this distinctive position to de-stigmatize the healthcare experience, and create an engaging and aesthetically appealing environment where health care is imagined as a positive and integrated element of a successful urban fabric. This blog chronicles all matters related to art, design, culture, and the healthcare environment: from simple design tweaks, to artists who’s works I think would be fabulous in healthcare settings, to proposals for systematic overhauls.
  • My relevant experience: I penned a Master’s thesis for a MA in Urban Culture that explored the use of contemporary visual art in healthcare settings from a public art perspective, and I have experience working with two non-profit organizations that put art in hospitals, both in the UK and the US. Additionally, I spent three years working at a New York contemporary art gallery and have worked with several community oriented arts and education programs. I spent two years with a small interior design firm in New York. Currently, I’m the Branding and Communications Coordinator at a mid-size practice on the Upper West Side.
  • Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, tips, or suggestions: medaestheticsblog@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “about the blog

  1. @cascadia says:

    Where did you go? No updates on months

  2. If you are ever in California, please come by and ck out our space. I am also in the healthcare field, and absolutely obsessed with interior design/architecture. We have managed to create something that I am sure you would find fascinating:0 Thank you for this amazing blog!! Love it!

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